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Hardware Requirements

Before beginning installation, please be sure to have a host system with the following resources available:

The following hardware recommendations are to be used as a general guide. Enterprise networks can vary in performance, capacity, protocols, and overall activity. Resource requirements to consider for deployments include raw network speed, the size of the network being monitored, and the configuration of the application. Processors, memory, and network cards will be heavily based on the former. Disk space requirements will vary depending on usage based on the amount and length of time data is stored on the system.

Hosts Managed CPU Cores Memory Disk Space
512 active IPs 4@2GHz cores 8 GB RAM 30 GB
2,500 active IPs 6@2GHz cores 12 GB RAM 60 GB
10,000 active IPs 8@3GHz cores 16 GB RAM 250 GB
25,000 active IPs 16@3GHz cores 32 GB RAM 1 TB
100,000 active IPs 32@3GHz cores 64 GB RAM 2 TB

IP Address

Along with the IP address, the following values must be configured:

  1. The network subnet mask
  2. The IP address of the Default Gateway
  3. The IP addresses of the DNS servers

Network Requirements

  1. The local network must be configured to allow outbound HTTPS (port 443) access to the Internet, so the Platform can download the updates and vulnerability database.
  2. The IP addresses for the hosts to be scanned must be accessible to the Platform. The Platform must be able to resolve external DNS for the hostnames to be scanned.

Internet Access

Check that the appliance has access to * to download the OS updates and the vulnerability database.